Wills Point, Texas

Pam Pearson 
Wills Point EDC
P.O. Box 217
Wills Point, TX 75169 
  Phone: 214.803.5621
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Since 1979, Texas law has allowed cities to form economic development corporations to attract businesses and create job opportunities. In l989, the Legislature amended The Development Corporation Act of 1979 to allow eligible cities the option of adopting a dedicated sales and use tax to fund industrial development projects.

The Industrial Park was created after Wills Point voted to approve a levy 0.05 of the authorized sales tax for the purpose of promoting economic development within the confines of the city. The administration of the Park consists of the Mayor and four directors. The Wills Point Economic Development Corporation is classified as §4A, meaning the sales tax is limited in use to industrial and manufacturing facilities, recycling facilities, distribution centers, small warehouse facilities, closed or realigned military bases, and some allowances in the areas of commercial business development, business airport facilities, and port-related facilities.

The Park consists of 146 acres fronting on U.S. Hwy 80 East of downtown Wills Point approximately one mile. The corporation has completed construction on $2,000,000 worth of infrastructure on the Park premises to better serve the industrial needs of the occupants. Improvements include concrete streets with curb and gutter, adequate water and sewer facilities for the entire Park, twenty-one fire plugs, and a stem tower to assure water supply for all customers in the Park.

The Park has been plotted in 5-7 acre tracts. Incentives for moving to the Park are available depending primarily on the number of new employees brought to the area. For more information contact Pam Pearson, Wills Point Economic Development Corporation Administrator, at (903) 873-3381.


Wills Point EDC
Basic Population Demographics
  2000 Census 2010 Census 2015 Projection
Community Name  3,496 3,524 3,800
Commuting Area (miles/minutes)      

Wills Point EDC
Major Employers
Company Name Number of Employees
Wills Point ISD  419 
Crestwood Nursing Home  145 
Brookshires Food Store  75 
R&R Millwork  55 
Tawakoni Plant Farm  50 

Wills Point EDC
Property Tax Information
Property Taxes  Tax Rate/Per $100
Taxing Entity Year - 2010-2011
City of Wills Point $0.70000
Wills Point ISD $1.11000
Van Zandt County $0.35000
TOTAL: $2.16000

Wills Point EDC
Distance To:
City Miles/Hours To
Dallas, Texas 65 miles/1 hour
Tyler, Texas 45 miles/45 minutes
City Name 3  
Major Highways (Present in or near my community)
Interstate Hwy 20  
State Hwy 80  
State Hwy 64  

Wills Point EDC
Utility Information
Utility Provider
Electricity Oncor
Natural Gas  Centerpoint
Telecommunications AT&T, Wi-Five
Water City of Wills Point
Sewer City of Wills Point

Wills Point EDC
Available Incentives Yes/No
Property Tax Abatement Yes
Land Yes
Relocation Incentives Yes
Cash Grants Yes
Employment Incentives Yes
Permit Fees Yes
Improvements Yes