Member Profiles

Below you will see business card listings for each Right Corner member.  To view their complete profile or to jump to their primary community website simply click on the appropriate link within the listing.  You are also welcome to click here for a list of Community Profiles. 

Athens, TX

Athens Economic Development


Atlanta, TX

Atlanta City Development Corporation


Big Sandy, TX

Big Sandy Community Dev. Corp.


Canton, TX

Canton EDC


Carthage, TX

Carthage EDC


Center, TX

Center EDC


Emory, TX

City of Emory Development Corp.


Gilmer, TX

Upshur County EDC


Gladewater, TX

City of Gladewater

Gladewater EDC


Henderson, TX

Henderson EDC


Jacksonville, TX

Jacksonville EDC


Kilgore, TX

Kilgore EDC

Kilgore College Workforce Development

East Texas Council of Governments

East Texas Workforce Board


Lindale, TX

Lindale EDC


Linden, TX

Linden EDC


Longview, TX

AEP/SWEPCO - Longview

Longview EDC

Small Business Development Center

Workforce Solutions East Texas - Board


Marshall, TX

Marshall EDC


Mineola, TX

City of Mineola


Mt. Pleasant, TX

Mt. Pleasant Industrial Foundation


Mt. Vernon, TX

Mt. Vernon EDC


Nash, TX

Nash Industrial Development Corporation


New Boston, TX

TexAmericas Center


Orange, TX

Savine River Authority


Paris, TX

Paris EDC


Pittsburg, TX

City of Pittsburg


Queen City, TX

Queen City EDC


Quitman, TX

Wood County Industrial Commission


Shreveport, LA

AEP/SWEPCO- Shreveport


Sulphur Springs, TX

Sulphur Springs/Hopkins County EDC


Tatum, TX

Tatum EDC


Texarkana, TX

City of Texarkana, Texas


Texarkana Chamber of Commerce

Ark-Tex Council of Governments

AEP/SWEPCO - Texarkana

TexAmericas Center


Tyler, TX

Tyler EDC


Wills Point, TX

Wills Point Economic Dev. Corp.


White Oak, TX

White Oak EDC


Winnsboro, TX

Winnsboro EDC


Van, TX

Van Texas EDC